This Author’s Collectors item( limited serial of 19200) is a multiconçeptual object.

Beside the Artistical sens and to distinguish myself from everything ever being done i addet several other value”s to the object .

If you decide to invest in my art , I grant you the value of it.

If after 36 month’s you decide to restitute the object you’l get your money back WITH PROFIT!(if sealed and sound)

Therfore you can consider my collectors item as a saving account,Draft,Bill of exchange.

The rate of exchange= 13332/15000€ after 36 month’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can aquire them (not more yhan ONE dozen per personto avoid heavy speculation) after all I am an Artist and I have also to produce them once and a wile;true my website and payap or e mail:

The link above should lead you directly to the paypal link!


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