About the author of this blog

 To begin my reconversion in Art i feld the need to perform this at the best possible level.

Since i worked with Drifted wood’s and wanted to perform metalic onlay’s on them, i decidet thad since i was pretanding to be creative it would be a pitty to do so with the 4000years old BRONZ.
Therefore i created  specific alloy’s to perform my art .Aenors Art Alloy and Spirit of Aenors.Aenors is my brand and the alphabetical ‘order’ of ‘reason’!

If you want more info ,I’d be verry glad to get in touch with you trhue e mail .you can see some more info on my work at:



Here a link to a video document from the 90thy’s in Tao,Hiengène, et Poebo in New Caledonia in my mind the “boudoir”of heaven!


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